Maintain Your Plumbing To Save Money And Avoid Major Issues

It is hard for people to understand what goes on in your pipe system or how your shower is able to generate warm water for you to enjoy. You will need to have basic knowledge for you to properly maintain your plumbing at home. All you need is to invest some time and give effort towards this to make sure everything is running slowly. It can be simple knowing the different do’s and don’t’s and some quick fixes in the field of plumbing in your own home. 

A clogged toilet or sink can be a hassle to deal with and also will feel naturally unhygienic when this happens. Sometimes even using a plunger can give you little success and a whole lot of mess during this process. But here is one tip that you can try that will require basic home ingredients and has ultra fast results. 

When dealing with a clogged drain, all you will need is salt and how water. You can pour ½ cup of salt in the clogged toilet followed by boiling water. If the toilet is still drained just continuously pour hot water until it is clog free. The salt and hot water will be able to breakdown whatever object blocking the passageway, allowing the pipes to be a free flowing system again. 

Sometimes you will notice that the strength of you water from the faucet has weakened all of a sudden. You shouldn’t jump into conclusions and hire a plumber right away because this next tip can save you money from paying your plumber. You just need to be familiar with parts of your sink to be able to perform this quick fix. 

Under every sink you will find a valve that acts as the main switch for your water. Make sure that you turn the valve to the left until you can’t anymore. Next you should unscrew the aerator from the end of your faucet. This part maybe filled with dirt or other substances that may block the path of the water to the end of the faucet. A simple scrub and rinse should be able to give you free flowing water once again. 

If you are experiencing a lack of how water and that your water coming from all the faucets are extra cold. Then your pipes are probably exposed too much and are getting frozen by the cold weather. One thing you can do to prevent this from happening and get warm water back in your system is to buy duct tape or insulated tape, then wrap the pipes with this. This will allow the heater to come back on without turning cold before it reaches the end of your faucet. 

If all else fails and you are not sure where the problem is coming from and your water bills is off the charts. Then make sure you are familiar with the main switch that controls the flow of your water. If you want to save money and control the situation you can easily turn off your water to do so. 

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